Action Plan

ActionRecipients of CDBG-DR funding must develop and publish an Action Plan describing how its awards from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will be used to support short- and long-term recovery efforts and build resiliency to the challenges of climate change.

USVI CDBG-DR Approved Action Plan 

Last Updated July 10, 2018

Plan de Accion en Español 

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Pictured: V.I. Housing Authority Executive Director Robert Graham, left, V.I. Housing Finance Authority Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Daryl Griffith, and HUD Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development Neal Rackleff speak during a tour of the damgaed Tutu Hi-Rise housing community on St. Thomas during the planning process. More...

Action Plan Amendments 

Periodically, Action Plans are revised and updated to add or clarify information, change or add additional programs or program benefits, or to reduce, increase, or reallocate funding, as appropriate. Significant changes are proposed under a public comment process, all amendments listed here have been approved by HUD.