Citizen Participation

After months of planning and design, the VIFHA’s CDBG Disaster Recovery Action Plan to spend $1.86 billion on housing, infrastructure, and economic revitalization has been amended. The Proposed Amendment 1 was posted from Monday, September 17th, 2018 and the changes were open for comment through Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 (30 days).

The comment period is now closed and under review. Summaries of public comments, staff responses, and the Amendment 1 submission to HUD will be available shortly. 

To see the video of the St. Thomas Public Meeting on the Amendment from October 2, 2018, please click here

Accessibility of Information

Physical copies of the Action Plan and Proposed Amendment 1, with a Spanish translation, were available at VIHFA and partner government offices, public libraries, and post offices. A large print version was available online and in print upon request. A full Haitian Creole translation of both documents is in progress. This website continues to be compatible with Google Translate and screen reader software.

All meeting locations will continue to be ADA-accessible and language (Spanish or French Creole) and accessibility services for hearing or sight-impaired will be available for all meetings (with 48-hours’ notice at 340-772-4432 or

Special Needs Populations
Advocates of vulnerable populations who may need additional resources to engage with the CDBG-DR planning process are encouraged to contact the VIHFA. A list of vulnerable populations that will continue to be outreached to directly and information about equitable accessibility is available in the VIHFA Citizen Participation Draft Plan.