Citizen Participation


Public outreach events were held on all three islands to develop the Action Plan. Going forward, VIHFA intends to continue with this level of public outreach for all substantial amendments to the Action Plan, using public meetings and a minimum fourteen-day public comment period to address changes.  

VIHFA Citizen Participation Plan

Pictured: Planning event held at the VIHFA's office in Frederiksted, St. Croix.



Accessibility of Information

The entire draft plan and executive summary of the plan were also translated into Spanish and posted to the website for public comment.  Going forward and based on the development of the Language Access Plan currently under development, at a minimum, all vital documents will be made available in English, Spanish, and any other languages identified in the VIHFA’s Language Access Plan.
VIHFA also intends to publish in English, Spanish and any other languages identified in the VIHFA’s Language Access Plan, all vital documents which will include, but not be limited to:  program descriptions; program eligibility requirements; applications; application process, procedures, and intake sites, appeal process.

All the sites for public comment meetings will continue to be handicapped accessible and VIHFA provided sign language interpretation for the hearing impaired as requested.
In addition, the VIHFA has a strong history of continuous engagement with the individuals and households it serves.  It is our intent to continue this with the CDBG-DR implementation, using mobile intake centers, community meetings, radio information, and continuing engagement with organizations and advocacy groups that represent vulnerable populations.