Policies and Procedures


Housing Programs


Homeowner Reconstruction Rehabilitation Program

Homeowner Policies and Procedures Version 2.2

New Construction for Homeownership Opportunity and First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program

New Construction and First-Time Homebuyer Policies Version 1

Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Program

 Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Version 2

Public & Affordable Housing Development Program

Public and Affordable Housing Policies Version 2

Supportive Housing & Sheltering Programs

Supportive Housing and Sheltering Policies Version 1

Infrastructure Program


Infrastructure Policies and Procedures

Infrastructure Programs Policies Version 1

Economic Revitalization Program


Ports and Airports Enhancement Program

Ports Enhancement Policies Version 1

Tourism Industry Support Program

 Tourism Support Policies Version 1

Workforce Development Program

Workforce Development Policies Version 1

Administrative Policies


Policy Version 6

Procedures Version 5

Compliance and Monitoring

Policies and Procedures

Record Keeping and Reporting Policy