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The Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority currently performs construction management services for clients who are in the process of constructing homes throughout the Virgin Islands. Our services include Building Plan Review, Estimation, Owners Representative Services, Pre-Construction meetings, onsite construction management services and preparation of project payment request reports.

The Construction managers prepare customized inspection reports that include photographs, and comment upon:

  • Foundation/Grading/Drainage
  • Electrical System/ Safety
  • Ceiling/Walls/Floors/Doors
  • Heating & A/C Systems
  • Water Heater (Conventional and Solar)
  • Roof
  • Plumbing/Drains
  • Appliances and more…

These services are now available for a fee to the public. The cost for the services shall be based on the square footage of the home or after a brief consultation. See schedule below:

Square Footage


 Estimated Cost

to be determined after consultation

The Construction Managers will be using their expertise to examine a great number of items and will be as thorough as possible during the home inspection. The inspection may take several hours and shall evaluate the following:

Structural Systems – foundation; grading and drainage around the home; roof/attic structure insulation, ventilation; interior and exterior walls; ceilings; floors; interior and exterior doors; windows; fireplace/chimneys; porches, decks, and attached carports.

Electrical Systems – Main service entrance panel; Subpanel; branch circuits; Ground-Fault-Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) circuits Arc-Fault-Circuit-Interrupter (AFCI) circuits; connected devices.

Plumbing System – water supply system and fixtures; drains, wastes, and vents water heater; hydro-therapy equipment; solar water heating equipment.

Appliances – dish washer; food waste/garbage disposer; range hood, range, oven, and cooktops; built-in microwave oven; bathroom exhaust fans; dryer vent; and others built-in appliances.

The Inspection Report will not simply be a checklist, but will be a customized Inspection Report with numerous photos and detailed comments.


A HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection is also available. The VIHFA will conduct inspections utilizing the HQS inspection protocol developed by HUD to ensure that’s the physical housing is safe, sanitary and decent.

HQS inspections are conducted by using a checklist. There are various forms of this checklist: a standard form (HUD 52580), an expanded form with definitions of the standards (HUD 52580A) and various electronic format forms. In all cases, the checklists are used by inspectors to conduct HQS inspectors. The report will be provided at the end of each occurrence.

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